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Wang Xiaoning is named as a plaintiff in the Yahoo!suit, which was filed with help from the World Organization for Human Rights USA. is guilty of 'an act of corporate irresponsibility,' said Morton Sklar, executive director of the group. had reason to know that if they provided China with identification information that those individuals would be arrested." Yahoo! As reported in The Washington Post and many media sources: The suit says that in 2001, Wang was using a Yahoo!for not giving full details to the House Foreign Affairs Committee the previous year, stating it had been "at best inexcusably negligent" and at worst "deceptive". 's image search was criticized for bringing up sexually explicit images even when Safe Search was on. is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it as quickly as possible". executives were asked about this issue, and responded: "We know the sale of shark products is both legal in Asia and a centuries-old tradition.This was discovered by a teacher who was intending to use the service with a class to search for "www". This issue is largely a cultural-practices one." On , Flickr, Yahoo!

stated that the company cannot protect the privacy and confidentiality of its mainland Chinese customers from the authorities.Tech Radar described the new style Flickr as representing a "sea change" in its purpose. In January 2014, a large scale malware attack was discovered by Fox IT in the Netherlands that was targeted at Java and dated back to December 30, 2013, especially affecting users in Romania, France, and the UK and being delivered to 300,000 Yahoo! The company reported two major data breaches of user account data to hackers during the second half of 2016.The first announced breach, reported in September 2016, had occurred sometime in late 2014, and affected over 500 million Yahoo! Both breaches are considered the largest discovered in the history of the Internet.The suit says prosecutors in the Chinese courts cited Yahoo! In recent years, activists working with overseas plaintiffs have sued roughly two dozen businesses under the Alien Tort Claims Act, which the activists say grants jurisdiction to American courts over acts abroad that violate international norms.Written by the Founding Fathers in 1789 for a different purpose, the law was rarely invoked until the 1980s.

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